Collaborative Workshop: The Tao of Art

Lorel "Sonny" Zaide is an acupuncturist, meditation teacher, and owner of Purple Cloud Center for Eastern Medicine in Rogers Park. When I met Sonny for coffee, we immediately bonded over our mutual love of Lynda Barry.  In Lynda Barry's book What It Is, she talked about overcoming the doubt and worry that blocked her from enjoying drawing by sitting with the uncertainty of not knowing whether the drawings would be "good." When she could admit that she didn't know, "that strange floating feeling of being there and not being there came back [...] To be able to stand not knowing long enough to let something alive take shape!" Sonny and I discussed the Taoist concept of "wu-wei," or effortless action, and its parallels with the flow state that can happen during artmaking. This called for collaboration!

We are offering The Tao of Art, a workshop designed to allow you the chance to express yourself through effortlessness. Click here for more information and to register.

I can't wait to see what happens, but I will try to sit with the uncertainty of not knowing. Hope to see you there!